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Zipp Clip, An Innovative Zipp Clip
What makes our Zipp Clip different from any other in the market is its functionality. Anyone can replace the slider on a zipper, whether it’s broken, worn out or it just does not close properly. We offer Zipp Clip for Zippers of all types and sizes made of Plastic, Metal, Coil and Waterproof Coil.

Zipp Clip has applications for the Manufacturing Process, Repair Shops and Retail Sales (Individual Packaging).
Zipp Clip applications are unlimited and can be used on Sleeping Bags, Tents, Backpacks, Jackets, Dive Suits, Furniture, Uniforms, etc. Zipp Clip can be placed on any item without the need of special tools. Any Company that produces and/or sells items like those mentioned above will be able to reduce warranty repair cost and save on turn around time. Zipp Clip gives a value added to your products and your customers will appreciate your products even more.

Zipp Clip, Innovation for the Industry and for You
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